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Smoke Odor Removal

Car Smoke Odor Removal Specialist

Strong odors are unpleasant especially when in your vehicle. They release strong toxins that affect your respiratory tract that cause serious health problems. When inspecting smoke odors it comes down to two thing. How long it’s been smoked in, and how heavy it’s been sitting there. These two factors help us determine just how much of the odor can be eliminated. Unfortunately if it’s a severe condition years of heavy smoking, our chances of removing 100% of the smell are very low. 

From that point, removing the odor will greatly be reduced, but if it’s this extreme it would be required for you to replace some of the fabrics like the headliner and floor.

In-depth Cleaning Of Odor Removal Steps:

Very similar to our Full Interior Detail, we make sure every inch of your vehicle gets ten times more attention. This a more intensive cleaning that requires this level of service being that the goal is to remove as much of the smoke as possible. This process alone can take from 3-5 hours.

Everything depends on the condition of the vehicle but we are pretty confident in our process to give you the results you want. We’ll schedule a time and date to inspect your vehicle to discuss the types of options we can do to either reduce or completely remove the smell.

There are those times where shampooing your seats and carpet are just not enough to neutralize the odor. For this reason alone is why we specialize in the right process for smoke odor removal. Let us do the dirty work and give you an ease of mind.

For any smoke odor removal service, we require your vehicle be dropped off at our shop location for a minimum of 1-2 days to make sure the process is done correctly.

This is not a quick odor fragrance to mask the smell for a couple of weeks or days. We want to make sure to deliver back your car with the Odor not coming back.

Our Smoke Odor Removal Process:

  1. All Surfaces Vacuumed
    Anything with fabric will be thoroughly vacuumed (headliner, floors, seats, etc.)
  2. Clean All Plastic Areas
    Using specific cleaners, all vinyl, plastic, and leather surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned.
  3. Clean All Fabric Surfaces
    Using our dedicated extractor and cleaners, all fabrics on seats, floors, and if possible, headliner will be shampooed.
  4. All Windows And Mirrors Cleaned
    Every window and mirror will be cleaned for a streak-free finish
  5. Dry Interior
    Before continuing, we have to make sure the interior is 100% dry. Based on condition, this can vary greatly.
  6. Begin Ozone Treatment
    With our dedicated Ozone machine, we’ll let it run the treatment for 2-5 hours at a time and repeat as needed.

Replacing Your Air Filter

In order for this process to run smoothly, it is highly necessary to replace your cabin filter with a new one. Leaving your old one causes for all the trapped dirt and smoke to be recirculated all over your interior when turning on your A/C, essentially would make the treatment meaningless.


Price will vary based on size, condition, and severity of the smoke odor.


(All Vehicles)
$ 350-650


Will the odor be 100% removed?

It depends on the condition and how long the vehicles been smoked in. Our goal is to remove as much of the odor as possible following the right steps. If we do our smoke removal process and for some reason the smell comes back after a few days of weeks, we’ll do another Ozone treatment at no extra charge.

Do you remove seats and carpeting?

At this time we do not remove seats for our smoke removal process. Although it might help depending on condition, we can get to the necessary areas with the tools we have.

Can you do this at my location?

Although we offer mobile detailing services, there are many factors of this treatment that take a long time to do. That being said we only offer this service at our shop location in Spring. On top of that, the job can take 10+ hours in total to complete over two days. For the best results, we require you to drop off your vehicle at our shop for at least two days.

Do you remove every stain?

Due to the nature of the type of stain and material it’s on, there’s only so much we can do even with our knowledge and materials.